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Choice of media

HELYS wants to offer you a truly personalised work of art. This is why we offer you a choice of three different media: canvas, aluminium or plexiglas.

You can choose a media that corresponds to your tastes, but also the environment in which your work will be displayed. Special attention should be paid to lighting conditions –whether natural or artificial –as these media behave differently in various situations.

Canvas is always appropriate in any decorative environment. Always in fashion, it is the perfect medium for graphic works and is easily married with any decorative style. Its texture makes it the ideal medium for displaying your picture in all lighting conditions.

Aluminium plates give body to your work. Our system of hangers makes them stand out slightly from the wall, increasing visual impact. Colours are brighter and the surface is shinier. The work should be displayed according to light sources in the room.

Plexiglas plates lend depth to an image. Aesthetically, they are more suitable in a bold, modern decor. We do not recommend displaying them in areas where light sources could produce reflections and spoil their effect.

It is important to note that the hangers for aluminium and plexiglas plates require drilling 4 holes in the wall.


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Our artworks are for you! For yourself or for someone special, unique and custom artworks. Surprising, personalized, modern and original, our artworks are created using the DNA or fingerprints of the recipient. This contemporary designer portrait is also an unusual personalized gift. Ideal ! For Christmas, a birthday, it is a surprise guarantee! Offers for couples and families will be perfect for weddings, wedding anniversaries, births, ...

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