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DNA sample

When you order a work, HELYS sends you a mouth swab kit so you can take the sample for your picture.

The sample is taken with a sterile swap packaged a plastic sleeve. The swab can only be used by a single customer to take a sample of his own DNA. A unique identification number is printed on the sleeve. This number is used to trace the sample throughout the entire manufacturing process of your picture.

Since DNA is present in each body cell, it can be extracted from cells in an individual's saliva and analysed to create a work of art.

Swab for the sample(s)

Our kit contains everything you need for your sample.

  • One or more swabs for the sample(s),
  • A pre-addressed and return envelope,
  • A form confirming the delivery address for your picture(s),
  • Instructions for taking samples:
  • DNA sample - Step 1 Remove the swab from its package (do not touch the tip with your fingers).
    DNA sample - Step 2 Rub the swab around the inside of your cheeks a dozen times.
    DNA sample - Step 3 Let the swab dry 15 minutes. Place the swab in its tube.
    DNA sample - Step 4 Close the sleeve and slide it into the return envelope.
    5- Fill in the form opposite (both sides). Sign it.
    6- Place the form and the sample tubes in the bubble envelope addressed to HELYS.
    7- Post the envelope (add postage as required). We will confirm reception of your sample(s) by email.
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Our artworks are for you! For yourself or for someone special, unique and custom artworks. Surprising, personalized, modern and original, our artworks are created using the DNA or fingerprints of the recipient. This contemporary designer portrait is also an unusual personalized gift. Ideal ! For Christmas, a birthday, it is a surprise guarantee! Offers for couples and families will be perfect for weddings, wedding anniversaries, births, ...

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