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20 good reasons to offer a DNA picture
A DNA picture is a unique gift
  1. Because it's a unique gift
  2. Because it's an unforgettable gift
  3. Because it's very symbolic
  4. Because it fire the imagination
  5. Because the surprise will be amazing
  6. To prove that he (or she) is unique for you
  7. To offer a decoration that expresses the inner you
  8. Because I can choose the color after the order
  9. Because I can choose the size of the artwork
  10. Because the comments of past customers are great
  11. Because I know that the DNA will be destroyed after the process.
  12. Because he (or she) could never guess this gift
  13. Because he (or she) already has everything... except that !
  14. Because Helys Team is trustworthy
  15. Because Yannick Noah have one
  16. Because I am curious to see what his or her DNA look like
  17. To hang the Artwork just next to the one he offered me
  18. Because it's the perfect wedding gift
  19. Because it's the perfect wedding gift
  20. Because it's the perfect wedding gift

An unusual gift idea! Are you looking for a truly personalised gift? Looking for an original, contemporary designer gift? Our artworks are for you!

HELYS suggests offering a work of art!

And what a work of art! An image of the person who will receive your gift. You will find nothing more unique than a work of art created using the DNA or fingerprints of the recipient.

Imagine the surprise on his or her face …

You can choose the size and medium (canvas, aluminium or Plexiglas). The recipient of this unusual gift can choose the colour of his/her picture depending on his/her tastes and the place it will be displayed.

Another original advantage when you offer a work by HELYS is that you offer two surprises in one: first, the day you offer your gift (the DNA or fingerprint sample kit) and, secondly, a few weeks later, when the final work is delivered directly to the recipient.

Pour vous ou pour offrir, un tableau ADN est un cadeau unique

How to do ?

On our website, you can do exactly as if it was an order for yourself. You choose your product: for one person, for a couple or a family. You chosse also the support and the size of the picture. The small difference is in the choice of the color: select the box marked “gift” if you want to let the recipient choose the colour himself.

In the comments of your order, you can also specify us 2 different addresses : one for the DNA-sample Kit and another for the delivery of the Artwork.

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Our artworks are for you! For yourself or for someone special, unique and custom artworks. Surprising, personalized, modern and original, our artworks are created using the DNA or fingerprints of the recipient. This contemporary designer portrait is also an unusual personalized gift. Ideal ! For Christmas, a birthday, it is a surprise guarantee! Offers for couples and families will be perfect for weddings, wedding anniversaries, births, ...

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