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The Concept

DNA artwork : modern picture of your own DNA, uniqueEach of us wants to live in a decor that reflects our individuality. What reflects our identity more precisely, authentically or intimately than our own DNA?

DNA is the molecule of Life itself. It is both universal and unique, present in all living things, yet never identical…

DNA : A molecule in our image

What more fitting image than DNA to represent our deepest desire: to be an integral part of Humanity while asserting our unique identity?

DNA: our heritage and legacy

If you have your mother's dimples or your father's eyes, it is thanks to your DNA. The magic of DNA lies in the fact that it is what we are today, what we inherited from our parents and what we can pass on to our children.

By offering you an image of your DNA, HELYS provides you with a picture of the very mystery of Life: what you are and what you will become, what you have received and what you have transmitted, or will transmit, to others.

Fingerprints: a unique design

Fingerprints are, just like DNA, a symbol of our individuality. Even “identical" twins have different fingerprints. Their astonishing and unique design has an obvious artistic interest: a decorative work that you can proudly display!

Fingerprint artwork : the astonishing design of your fingerprint on a picture

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The concept


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Our artworks are for you! For yourself or for someone special, unique and custom artworks. Surprising, personalized, modern and original, our artworks are created using the DNA or fingerprints of the recipient. This contemporary designer portrait is also an unusual personalized gift. Ideal ! For Christmas, a birthday, it is a surprise guarantee! Offers for couples and families will be perfect for weddings, wedding anniversaries, births, ...

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